SCOUT (TTF Oak Lanes Mississippi Duck Shoot WC)


488Scout is a great looking lighter yellow British/Irish bred female. She is a mid size British female weighing in at 58lbs. Scout comes off of a very nice pedigree with many British/Irish FTW (Field Trial Winners), and FTCH (Field Trial Champions). She is a very affectionate family dog, who just love being with people. She is a very happy dog who’s tail is always wagging. Scout is very sweet and calm in the house. She loves children, and wants to be with you all of the time.  When she is outside, and it is time to train and work she gives 100%. Scout is a great marker, has an unbelievable nose, a great water entry,  and is a team player. She never oversteps. She wants to please. Scout works equally well weather you are pond jumping hunting ducks, doing field goose hunts, or upland hunting. She is a dog who truly excels at everything she does. She will be working for her Working Certificate (WC),and Junior Hunt (JH) titles in the summer of 2016. Her puppies are well suited for Family pets, hunting/hunt test, and agility prospects, or search and rescue dogs.

Link to Scouts Pedigree: