Murphy ( TTF OAK LANE’S At Murphy’s Irish Pub WCI JH)

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Murphy is a great looking black British Labrador. Murphy is bold, and he thinks he can do anything! Which is an excellent trait for a gun dog to have. Murphy has a VERY strong build. Big boned, with a large square chest, and head. Murphy is the whole package. He is Driven, controlled, strong, hansome, smart, and bidable, but he also has an incredible “OFF” switch.

His personality is very happy, and joyful. He enjoys hanging out with our family, friends, and clients who come out for a visit, and especially children. Murphy is often found a step or two away from our daughter. With his favorite spot sleeping under the trampoline while she is playing with friends.

Murphy and I have been great buddies since the second he arrived here are as 10 week old puppy. I love working him in the field. He had a hunt drive that is second to none. It is so hard not to just stand back and smile while watching him do what he does best.

Murphy is off of some very nice British field lines with 50 FTW (Field Trial Winners)/FTCH (Field Trial Champions) in his 5 Generation pedigree.

Puppies off of Murphy will make excellent Family Companions, Hunting companions, and Hunt Test competition dogs.

Link to Murphy’s Pedigree: