Bishop (Oak Lane’s Bishop Of Fendawood WCI JH)

All that I can say is Bishop is an amazing dog. He is our Up and coming star!!! He is the son of IGL winner FTCH & Int FTCH Beileys Aguzannis Of Fendawood. When Bishop isn’t in the field, or training he can be found lounging around our yard, or in the house. following our kids around, and Making friends with anyone who drives into the yard.

In the yard he is as easy going as they come. in the field he is a machine!!! He is as solid as they come. when sent on a retrieve he is like a rocket, on the way out to the bird as well as when he races back with his bird.

Bishop comes from a fantastic pedigree with 44 FTCH and FTW in 5 generations.

He is a dog who truly loves to be with people, and to top it off he lives to work in the field. Fall can’t come fast enough for him.

  • Bishop carries yellow

Link to Bishops Pedigree: