Twitch (TTF Twitching To Go WC JH)

Twitch is an amazing looking yellow female. Her sire is FTW Green Bottle Bill. She is a dog who loves to please, she loves to be around people (especially children) and she loves to Hunt and train. Twitch makes friends where ever we go. She looks for affection from everyone. In the house and kennel Twitch is very easy going, and is like a shadow. where ever you are she’s right there. She wants to be a part of everything that you do.

In the field hunting and training Twitch is all business. She is a dog that when she is watching you, waiting for her next command it feels like she is staring right through you. She wants to please no matter what you ask of her. She is a great marker, has a very soft mouth and when she hits the water she hits it like a freight train!!!

Twitch is everything that you look for in a British Lab.

Link to Twitch’s pedigree: