Merlin (Prairiestorm Merlin 2nd WCX SH)


Merlin is what I would call “The complete package”. He is very intelligent, wants nothing more to please, lives to retrieve, is great looking, always wants to be with you, and has a great “Off” switch. He is a dog who learns new concepts with ease, and is super fun to work with. 

Merlin loves to train, run Working, and hunt tests, and is an incredible hunting companion. Merlin so very gentle, loves to be with his family, play with the kids, and lounge around the house and yard. Merlin is always waiting for any opportunity to get a pet, or have his ears scratched. This summer Merlin achieved his WCI (Working Certificate Intermediate, WCX (Working Certificate Excellence) as well as his SH (Senior Hunt) Titles. Next year he will be running to get his Master Hunt title. 

Link to Merlin’s pedigree: