Kimber (Oak Lane’s Kimber of Copperbirch WC)

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042 Kimber is just plain beautiful, and is what every British/Irish bred Labrador should be. She carries herself with dignity and grace. As a hunter, she has a very good nose and is rock steady. In flooded timber, she will sit quietly on a log while mallards land within 10 feet of her. She never moves or makes a sound: steady.  Kimber has proven herself as a quiet, dependable hunter with lots of go when sent, but that also doubles as an easy going family dog.   Everyone that meets Kimber falls in love. She is so tender and sweet, yet she has a hunter’s heart. Kimber is physically beautiful, as well as having a tender soul. She is the quintessence of what a female lab should be. Beautiful, faithful, strong, loves to work, and always loyal. Kimber comes off of fantastic Irish/British bloodlines. Her Sire is the Great FTCH COPPERBIRCH ZEUS OF GLENANNE. Kimber will be running both Work Certificate, as well as Hunt Tests in 2015

Kimber is Registered with the KC, CKC, and the AKC

Link to Kimber’s Pedigree: