Flare (Prairiestorm Solar Flare)

Flare is a very pretty darker yellow female, who we got from our friends at Prairiestorm  Kennels. She is a very “Happy Go Lucky” girl who loves to be with us all the time. Flare has a great fondness for all people, especially children. When with our kids she is very quiet, calm, and gentle. she also loves to be around other dogs, and animals.

Flare is about 55 Lbs, and is an extremely intelligent dog. She pick up on new things very quickly (like how to open the kennel door!!) She is a great marker, has a great nose, is a natural retriever, and loves the water!! She also has a very soft mouth. All this and she also have a great off switch where she is happy hanging out in the yard, and following us and the kids around with our daily routines.

Flare is off of TOP NOTCH Field, Hunt, and Obedience Bloodlines which include dogs such as RCL’s Prairiestorm Hurri-Kane WCX MH CDX, 2xNMH GMH OTCH Prairiestorm Hawk WCX MH, 2XNMH GMH OTCH High Voltage Dawnlit Fen WXC MH

Link to Flare’s Pedigree: http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=838245