Sako ( Prairiestorm Sako Keturah WC)

  Sako is a very beautiful dark chocolate Labrador  Retriever who weighs in at about 57 Lbs. She is a very enthusiastic dog who loves to spend time with us. She has a very gentle and calm, loving personality. Sako has loved to train and retrieve since the day that we got her. In the field she is very eager, and enthusiastic to work, and loves to investigate new places and things,  She has an incredibly soft mouth, and a very natural delivery to hand. Sako is a dog who has a great “OFF”switch and has no trouble shutting it down after training.

Sako’s puppies will be very well suited as Family pets, Hunting Companions (Gun Dog’s), and Hunt Test Prospects.

Link to Sako’s Pedigree: