Tex (Duxbac Prairiestorm Vortex WCX JH)


Tex is a Very and I mean Very affectionate dog. To top that off he is extremely loyal and loving. He is a dog who WANTS to be with you, and go where ever you go. Tex is very gentle natured and has one of the best off switches that I have ever seen. Tex is a joy to be around because of his calm and gentle nature. When it is time to work Tex is all business. he loves to work and Retrieve. He is a dog who will give you his all, and he loves to work as a team. He has never over stepped. This year alone Tex picked up close to 500 birds. Tex weighs in at 68Lbs, and is off of a GREAT Hunt line Pedigree with many hunt line champions!!

Tex’s puppies are well suited for Family pets, hunting companions (gun dogs) and hunt test prospects.

Link to Tex’s Pedigree: https://huntinglabpedigree.com/4GenPedigree.asp?id=125072