Perazzi (Running Oak’s Perazzi Salome WC)

Perazzi is a great little Fox Red British Bred female weighing in at about 55Lbs. She is a dog that was born and bred here at Oak Lane. She has a very calm and peaceful nature about her. She loves being with people, and has a very large soft spot for children. She is the kind of dog who loves to lay on your feet, rest her head on your knee, or when out and about she is always a step or 2 behind you. When  she is with the kids outside, and I am wondering where the the kids are, all I need to do is call Perrazzi, and where ever she comes from that is where the kids are. She is a great babysitter!!! In the field Perazzi is a very driven, fast, and agile Retriever. She loves to work and train!! she is very intelligent, and rarely will she make a mistake. Perazzi is a very focused dog who will do anything she can to make you happy.

Perazzi’s puppies will be very well suited as family pets, hunting companions (Gun Dog), Hunt test prospects.

Link to Perazzi’s Pedigree: