Gin (Oak Lane’s Spruce Goose WC JH)

Gin is a great looking chocolate female who was born and bred here at Oak Lane. Actually so was her mother Tikka, as well as her grandmother Rylie. we also owned her grandfather Chester, and great grandfather Jack.

Gin is a very well put together girl. With a thick chest, shorter muzzle, and a very strong and athletic build. just looking at her you know she can do anything. Gin is a dog who loves to please. she wants to work with you, and she will do anything to get the job done.She also has an amazing “OFF” switch when not in the field.

Gin has a very special affection to our kids, She loves our youngest daughter, always a few steps behind her picking up what ever she drops. She is a very gentle dog, who loves anyone who will take the time to stop and pet her!!

Gin has an amazing pedigree. It is one of the nicest chocolate pedigrees around with many, many very accomplished chocolate dogs in it.

Link to Gin’s pedigree: