Rook (Oak Lane’s Trick Up My Sleeve WC)

Rook Came to us from our friends from Sporting Life Kennels in Oxford Mississippi as a 10 week old puppy. She is off of FTW Timpany Monty (Mont) and Delfleet Neon’s Spring Fever (Ivy).

Not only is Rook beautiful to look at, she also has the work ethic, and drive to back it up!! She has the perfect balance of drive and gentleness.

Rook has a very sweet and enduring personality. She is super calm, loves to be with all people and is constantly trying to make friends with everyone that she meets. She loves our kids, and is a favourite of our 7 year old daughter the take out and “Train”.

In the field Rook has a great retrieving drive, and a very soft mouth. She runs back on a retrieve as hard as she goes when she is sent out.

Rook as an incredible pedigree with numerous IGL winners in it.

Link to Rook’s Pedigree: