Dolly (Queen Amy)

Dolly came to us in January of 2019 as a 15 week old puppy imported from England. She has matured into a very talented, well put together female. Dolly is a very even tempered girl who has a great work ethic, great marking ability, and an amazing nose. She is a team player who is always focused and will always give you all she has. Dolly is very biddable, and works great with other dogs. When not training she is your typical “British Labrador.” She is very quite and loves her time with the family. She is very fond of our kids, and loves to play and get ear rubs.

Dolly comes from an amazing British pedigree. Her sire is FTCH Copperbirch Paddy Of Leadburn and carries 24 FTCh and FTW in her 4 generation pedigree.

Link to Dolly’s Pedigree: