Barley (Genfia Daisy)

Barley is a stunning darker yellow female who we imported out of Scotland as a 15 week old pup. Her weight is 60 Lbs. As a puppy she was very “bubbly” and animated, a total goofball! To this day she hasn’t changed, and we love that!!! if a Dog could have a sense of humour Barley would have one.

Barley is 100% with out a doubt a total people dog, who would do anything in her power to please you, or to hear the words “Good Dog” or “yes”. She is very fond of everyone young and old. She even loves to cuddle with the yard cats and kittens when given the chance.

Barley comes off of a very impressive imported British pedigree. Her sire is FTCH Mitforton Oscar Of Leadburn. She has all of the qualities that we look for in a true British dog. Tons of drive, fantastic natural game finding ability, very trainable, that classic British softness where the dog wants to work as a team and not over step. The need to be a part of the family, and an amazing off switch!!!

In the field, and when training Barley puts her “people skills” aside and gets to work!!! She is very driven and determined!!! She learns new concepts and puts things together very easily. sometimes it feels like she is 1 step ahead of me. Barley has a very natural soft mouth, and was naturally steady. In the blind she is very quiet, and rarely moves. When sent on a bird on land, or water she is like a heat seeking missile. To top it off she has an amazing nose. Nothing gets by this girl big or small.