Ben (FTW Odd Jobs)

Ben is a Once in a lifetime dog that we are truly blessed to be able to have in our kennel!! After owning his litter mate we were offered Ben by Cairngryffe Gundogs in Scotland. Lets just say that it didn’t take long to get Ben into Canada, and to be part our breeding program!!! Since Ben arrived he has done nothing, but amaze me!!

Ben came to us as a finished Gundog, as well as a FTW (Field Trial Winner) so we cannot take any credit for his ability in the field.

Ben is an extremely versatile dog. He is very focused and powerful!! He is a dog that you can spend a week, or 2 waterfowl hunting with, then decide to go on a weekend pheasant hunting trip, and he doesn’t skip a beat. He does both equally well. He loves to work and train!!!

Ben has that classic British Labrador OFF switch. He gives his all when working, but in the house or in the yard with the family, and friends he is amazing to have around. He loves spending time with us, and playing with the kids.

Ben is available for stud at Oak Lane Retrievers. Frozen Straws or Live chilled semen can also be available.